In my pursuit of excellence toward photography as an art form, I have realized that everyone has a story. History
(His-story) is recorded with every snap of the shutter. Perhaps the greatest gift of photography is its special opportunity to interact with people. It’s these opportunities that drive me as an artist.

My interest in photography started early in life because my sister was always taking pictures. Later in life, after a divorce, I decided to pursue photography as an art form. Though I have no formal training, I have been fortunate to meet many a “guru” along the pathway. Currently, I am employed at The University Of Texas Southwestern Medical Center At Dallas, Biochemistry Department as a a graphics artist/ photographer.

The Greek definition of the word “genius”: “…that which is within the inner self “. It is this portion of myself that transcend the earthy medium of sight, I stride to record. Truly, a picture takes the place of a thousand words while recording the history of man.

Photographers that have been influential to me include, Ansel Adams, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Gordon Parks, Eugene Smith, Edward Steichen, and Alfred Stieglitz. Locally, I have been blessed to have work with R.C. Hickman and my spiritual brothers, Arthello Beck,Jr., Marion Butts, and Ed White. Many of my photographs can be views at the Columbia Fire House, 5501 Columbia Ave., Dallas, TX, 75214. A biography of my career can be found in the book Portraits of Community: African American Photography in Texas by Alan Governor.

~Carl N. Sidle